The following groups will be offered in the Trevose office beginning the week of October 3rd, 2016:

A Girls Adolescent Support Group will be held on Thursday afternoons from 4-5:30.  This group will facilitate emotional and personal growth with a goal to move towards improved self-esteem and confidence. Emphasis also will be on developing assertiveness, making life-changing positive decisions, choosing supportive relationships, overcoming feelings of shame, and improving body image.

An Adolescent GLBTQ Group will be held on Friday afternoons from 4-5:30. This group is intended for all adolescents who seek support for issues pertaining to their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Participants will discuss the issues they experience with family members, peers and society, as well as internal concerns such as insecurity, anxiety and depression. Emphasis will be on learning the coping, stress management and life skills that promote resilience and well-being. This group will be a safe and welcoming place where teens feel comfortable being themselves and where supportive relationships can be formed.

An Anger Management Group will be held on Monday evenings from 6-7:30 pm. It is intended for anyone struggling with anger management issues, including those court-committed. It will be offered by Paul Williams, LPC, and will focus on understanding your triggers, increasing frustration tolerance, problem-solving and resolving conflict in appropriate ways. This group will be limited to 10 persons. Please call to reserve a place.

A Substance and Behavioral Addiction Support Group will be offered on Monday evenings from 8-9:30.  It will be facilitated by Steve Gursky, LCSW, and will offer support and therapy to adults who find themselves unable to stop or to control unwanted behaviors.  Unwanted behaviors may include substances (such as cigarettes, alcohol and food) or behaviors (such as gambling, shopping, and sex).

A Trauma Recovery Group for adults will be offered by Steve Gursky, LCSW, and will offer support for individuals and/or families who have suffered a trauma.  The group will focus on understanding the effects of trauma on the mind and body, finding the internal resources to heal, and overcoming feelings of helplessness, shame and guilt. Please call for details.

A Stress Management Group will be offered on Saturday mornings by Amina McCown, LPC. You will learn to identify the triggers that cause stress, the physical symptoms of stress, how your thoughts affect your feelings, how sleep, activity level and diet contribute to stress, coping strategies, and specific techniques used to reduce stress, such as breathing exercises and progressive muscle relaxation. The group will make use of handouts, practice exercises, discussion and role play.

Want to quit smoking? A Smoking Cessation Group will be offered (Day and time to be announced). Participants will explore their reasons for smoking as well as their reasons for wanting to quit. They will learn how smoking affects the mind and body, how to cope with challenges and triggers, how to alter the environment for success, how to manage the symptoms of withdrawal, and the value of medications such as Zyban, Wellbutrin, and nicotine patches. Participants will be provided contact information for useful websites and help-lines. Most importantly, participants will set a quit date and garner support from one another in their path towards wellness. Participation in this group is not covered through insurance.

Please call 267-699-3000 to learn more about our groups or to reserve a spot (Group size is limited to 8 persons). Most group sessions are covered through insurance.


Current Workshop:  Need help parenting a difficult child?  An interactive lecture to enhance Parenting Skills will be offered by Jacquie Coyle, LCSW. The fee for attendance is $20 per person/$35 per couple.  It is recommended that both parents attend.  *No intake is necessary.  This workshop is for adults only (Kindly, do not bring your children).   The focus of the workshop is to provide you with tools and techniques to help you manage difficult behavior. Please call for details.